What are the editor's differences from others?


Last Update 2 years ago

Neuron, when evaluating content, definitely focuses on those elements that are evaluated by Google, more than on overall statistical values.

In particular, the content score includes ratings for title and description. We try to determine whether the title is "click-worthy" and similar to the competition, so as to gain traffic at the level of snipets.

In addition, our semantic algorithms evaluate content in a manner similar to Google, starting with the structure of the content, through is saturation with words relevant to the topic. Neuron is the only system that takes into account variations and synonyms for multiple languages, similar to Google NLP system. This allows the content creator to write freely, without the need for unnatural use of forms in the "exact".

There are plenty of useful features like negative keywords, competition keywords, branded terms, etc - giving ability to create customise workflow for every company.

Neuron is a very friendly working environment, which is appreciated by our users.